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Comfort that is unmatched, a beautiful slight glossy sheen, and durability that's second to none!  Both styles of belts are aproximately 2 1/4" ( 5.7 cm). Custom coreless satin Black Belt with individualized design directly with Senior Master Locke.  The material is pliable and strong and knots stay tied far better than cotton core belts.  Cost includes design process and feedback. Specialized in English and Korean, but other languages embroidered as well.


E-Mail: after purchase to start the custom design process!

Custom Embroidered Black Belts

  • Individualized design process will lead to a superior product that is exact to your specifiactions .  Refunds aren't possible since each belt is unique.  If there is a defect in the production, it will not be sent to you and will be remade.

  • Domestic and international shipping via UPS, USPS, and DHL available at cometative rates.  Let us know if you need your order expeditited!

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