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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I order a custom black belt?
    Contact HQ directly. We'll work one-on-one to create your unique belt and ensure you get the measurements and design exactly the way you want it.
  • How do I get wholesale discounts?
    Warrior's Cloth aims to foster a stronger martial arts community. In honor of that, we want to partner with you as a school owner and help you find the world's best products at great rates. Contact us if you have any specific questions or to get quotes on specific orders.
  • What's the Protector Gi and what are the different versions of it?
    The Protector is the flagship line of gis that Warrior's Cloth is renown for. We currently have 3 gis in this line. The Classic Protector has unique pocket designs, innovative gun-metal gray fabrics, functional belt loops, comfortable elastic band and oversized draw string. The Gen II Protector has several pro enhancements such as more pockets, unique tie storage loops, and satin cuff lining. The Gen II Protector ICHF is the official gi of the International Combat Hapkido Federation. It has all the same features of the Gen II and also boasts a gorgeous 12" ICHF Emblem.
  • How do I customize my very own gi?
    We pride ourselves on being able to develop samples for future gi lines based on your organization's needs. Contact us to learn more.
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